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WSAZ First Look at Four

 Airdate: Huntington, WV, Thursday, April 29, 2016. World renown artist Michael Tolleson paints a masterpiece from start to finish on First Look at Four. Follow along as Brittany Hoke and Hattie Cheek checked in with him throughout the hour. 

Creating "Tapestry Of Love"

 On 2/27/17 Michael Tolleson, Autistic Savant Artist created "Tapestry Of Love". Watch as the 36 x 48 inch painting is created from beginning to end in real time of 90 minutes (but video is time-lapsed to be less than 20 minutes). Michael Tolleson is a professional artist, author, public speaker, and advocate...

Soundtrack is a "Public Domain" piece of music that is titled 'The Silver Bus" by TRG Banks 

Evening with Michael Tolleson

 Michael Tolleson, Savant Artist, visited Huntington, West Virginia and painted several paintings in conjunction with the 2017 Ruth Sullivan Rally for Autism. This interview was conducted during a fundraising dinner, sponsored by the Touma Foundation, Inc., which allowed Michael to explain his journey with art and autism. Funds raised from this dinner benefited the Autism Society of the River Cities, the Autism Service Center, and the WV Autism Training Center at Marshall University. 

Love And Autism Conference

  Michael Tolleson paints a gorgeous wedding backdrop live during "Love and Autism" conference in San Diego, CA on Sept. 26, 2015. The entire birch trees in moonlight painting that is on a 60 x 72 inch canvas was painted in just an incredible 35 minutes. The painting served as the backdrop for the wedding of Anita Lesko and Abraham Nielsen during the first all autism wedding.